2020. April 15.
Szerző: DYB

We are happy to inform you, that our office offers a new service. We recommend you to consider using our partner control service that helps you predict any changes that might affect the solvency of your partners and also provides vital information by continuously monitoring the details of your business partners (stored in the company registry)

In our experience, certain changes in the company details are good indication if something is wrong with your counterparty; in this case it can be a great help to know that you need to be cautious.

What we offer:

  • weekly notice regarding the changes that might affect the solvency of your partners such as changes in ownership structure, management, seat and other relevant data, highlighting the significant changes
  • our lawyers provide information on the potential risks of the changes and give detailed analysis of the changes on request
  • our colleagues keep the list of partners updated on your request


  • immediate notification in case your partner/supplier/buyer is affected by changes that can alter its solvency (e.g. tax number cancellation, execution, liquidation, bankruptcy, change of ownership, etc.).
  • there is no more discretely disappearing companies and owners
  • there is no more claim as creditor filed too late
  • there are no more services performed unknowingly to companies that would not pay
  • monitoring all of your partners in a flexible way, weekly update of the list of monitored partners


  • monitoring up to 30 companies at the time 
    • quarterly 9000 HUF + VAT
    • yearly 33000 HUF + VAT
  • monitoring up to 50 companies at the time 
    • quarterly 13500 HUF + VAT
    • yearly 49000 HUF + VAT
  • for more than 50 companies please ask for a personalised offer

Our service provides continuous monitoring of the changes in basically all the data of the listed companies that can be found in the company registry, and whether the company is under liquidation, bankruptcy, or there is some kind of enforcement against it. However, we provide more, because our lawyers’ knowledge of the important changes is a great added value.

In case you have any questions or would like to know more about our service, we are at your disposal. Contact person: dr. Bodroghelyi Mátyás (matyas.bodroghelyi@madarassy-legal.com+3630/2337647)