Our Law Firm represents several investors in their real estate cases regarding commercial and residential properties, such as offices, shopping centres, hotels, rooftops, condominiums. We provide professional legal advice to real estate investment and real estate development transactions.

We make the articles of association of the companies, all additional documents, do the registration at the company registrar, the tax registration, the registration at the social security authorities and, if it is needed, the registration at the commerce and industry chambers.

We have extensive experience in due diligence, preparation of acquisitions and restructuring. As part of our work, we review the entire contract portfolio, identify potential legal risks, and provide additional advice as necessary to restore legal operation or to avoid future legal issues.

Our law firm provides legal services in investment, financing and complementary financing matters for several internationally active investment firms and financial intermediaries. We have a complex, up-to-date and wide knowledge in the fields of banking, financing, factoring, financial leasing, and financial intermediary services. Some of our experts still have close professional connection with the supervisory authorities due to their previous and current working relations.

We regularly advise our clients on various kinds of labour matters, including the preparation of executive employee and general labour contracts, drafting and/or revision of collective bargaining agreements, representation in legal disputes arising from liabilities pursuant to the employment relationship and the termination of agreements, as well as the obtaining of labour permits for foreign employees and the issuing of legal opinions on other related labour issues

Considering the accelerating business development and needs to keep pace with its speed our office provides legal advice on a variety of telecommunications and information technology fields.

Keeping in mind the interest of our clients we do our utmost to find an amicable and fair out-of-court solution to commercial or business disputes. In case of necessity, however, we effectively represent our clients’ interests in civil litigation matters, all around the country.

We represents our clients in administrative proceedings such as cases at the building control authorities, the Hungarian Competition Authority, the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Hungarian Tax and Financial Control Administration. We undertake legal representation in litigation against administrative bodies as well.

After Hungary’s accession to the Community on May 1, 2004 it is essential for all businesses in Hungary, especially for those who do business with EU-companies, to cope with acquis communautaires of the Community. Our office will help to clarify any legal issues which arise and to provide representation in proceedings before the European Court.

As we have represented several clients at the  the Arbitration Court of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as other (domestic and international) Arbitration Courts, tribunals and panels, we also have a wide experience in this field.

Our managing partner Dr. Madarassy Tamás worked as Assistant Professor teaching international company / contract law at the Corvinus University (Faculty of Economics).

Due to our professional and academic background we have good relations with attornies-at-law and professors from other universities in most European countries, we can therefore proactively help with the international business interests of our client.