2024. március 27.
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Considering residency in Hungary? The Guest Investor program offers a path to residence through strategic investment. This guide simplifies the process, outlining eligibility, application steps, and key details.

Who Can Apply?

  • Non-EU citizens (third-country nationals)
  • Investors contributing to Hungary’s economic well-being

Qualifying Investments:

  • Real Estate Investment Fund (Min. EUR 250,000): Invest in a Hungarian National Bank-registered fund focusing on Hungarian residential real estate (min. 40% of net assets). Hold the investment for at least 5 years.
  • Hungarian Property Purchase (Min. EUR 500,000): Purchase a property free of encumbrances, register a 5-year prohibition on sale/encumbrance, and maintain ownership for 5 years (individual or joint ownership with family applying for residence).
  • Higher Education Donation (Min. EUR 1,000,000): Donate to a Hungarian university for educational, scientific, or artistic pursuits.

Where and When to Apply:

  • Within Hungary Only
  • Guest Investor Visa Holders: Apply within 93 days of entering Hungary.
  • Visa-Exempt Applicants: Apply within 93 days of your first entry.
  • Application Options: Electronically via Enter Hungary platform or in person at the NDGAP regional directorate based on your Hungarian residence.

Application Process:

  1. Complete Application Form: Attach required documents (see below).
  2. Submit Application: Electronically or in person.
  3. Pay Administrative Fee.
  4. Provide Biometric Data: Facial photograph and fingerprints.

Required Documents:

  • Investment Proof (varies by option):
    • Real Estate Fund: Certificate from the fund manager.
    • Property Purchase: Contract of sale and purchase (lawyer-countersigned).
    • Donation: Certificate from the higher education institution.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds in Hungary (e.g., bank statements, income documents).
  • Proof of Accommodation in Hungary (e.g., lease agreement, ownership document).
  • Health Insurance Proof.
  • Proof of Meeting Exit Conditions (valid passport, travel tickets, or sufficient funds).
  • One Facial Photograph

Processing Time and Permit Validity:

  • Processing Time: Usually 21 days by NDGAP (may request additional documents).
  • Permit Validity: Up to 10 years (extendable for another 10 years).

Additional Information:

  • Report any investment changes within 5 days via Enter Hungary.
  • Residence permits allow independent work, CEO positions, or employment under a contract.
  • You have the right to appeal a rejected application within 8 days of receiving the decision.

Considering Guest Investor Residency? Our law firm can guide you through the process and answer any legal questions related to residence permits in Hungary.