Our mission, is to provide tailor-made, effective and practical legal advice and support to our Clients.

We mainly specialise in business law to fulfil the needs of our ever expanding and widely diversified domestic and international clientele. Our legal practice mainly focuses on business law in order to meet the needs of our continuously growing and widely diversified Hungarian and international client base.

We represent our clients in administrative, procurement and legal disputes, but we also provide services to the civil sector and private individuals.

Our strong focus is on continuous self-training, maintaining professional language skills and always being up-to-date in international law.

We work closely with other law firms, domestic and international accounting firms, auditors, marketing and IT firms, judicial technical experts, real estate companies, as well as credit providers and insurance brokers. This cooperation allows us not just provide legal advice but also a complex economic solution for our clients’ problems.

In those special legal fields such as criminal law or patents or other special legal matters, where we may not have the necessary special knowledge we are also able to provide professional legal solutions at any time under the cooperation agreements with our two partner offices.

Thanks to our extensive network of law firms outside of Budapest, we are able to provide effective legal services with competitive fees out of the seat of our law firm.

Since the establishment of the firm in 2003, we have built a highly qualified team with a solid professional background to serve our clients (business organisations, financial entrepreneurships, individuals, associations, foundations, etc.).

Our firm guarantees fast reaction times, as well as the necessary specialised expertise. Multiple clerks and an administrative background ensure that our work is seamless, fast and reliable.

The Madarassy Law firm was founded in 2003. The founder of our law firm, Dr. Tamás Madarassy (Attorney), is a former lecturer at the Legal Department of Corvinus University.